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20 May 1982
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NOTE! I haven't been reading my friends page in YEARS now. Yeah, that's years. So if there's something you want to make sure I know, you're going to have to contact me about it some other way. (And I don't read Facebook news either. Try Twitter under the same username as this.)

ALSO NOTE! I do NOT use the Messages feature of LJ. I read them like 2x a year at most. If you want to reach me, try emailing me at this username at google.


So I've had this up for years and I think I should change it a bit...

Hi! I'm C4bl3Fl4m3 (that's "CableFlame" to you non 1337-speakers). In a sentence, I'm a bi(pan)sexual, gender variant, non-monogamous, kinky, sexually radical, urban, computer & human sexuality & just all around general geek (notice the emphasis on geek) that's a size-positive BBW. I'm extremely multi-faceted and I'm very weird (I think in a good way.) I live in Takoma Park MD, a little family-friendly diverse hippy town on the border of Washington DC. Go... check out my interests. They tell more about me than I can here. I only wish you could have more than 150 interests.

I only enter into open relationships. I'm working on making being an adult sexuality educator my viable career.

Friending Policy:
1.) Anyone may friend me. Please do not ask for permission, because it's not like I could stop you from friending me anyway. If I really don't want you to read my LJ, there are ways I can block you.
2.) However, don't be offended if I don't friend you back. Most likely, I'm not going to. I don't friend someone just because they have friended me. For the most part, if you're on my friends list, I know you personally. I have a few people on my friends list, very carefully chosen, that I don't know IRL that I read. I keep them around just for the sake of having the viewpoints of people I don't know. I've never had someone ask to have me add them to my friends list, but if it ever happened, I think I would definately say no. I'm extremely picky in my choice in Friends. If you're asking, most likely I wouldn't want to read yours anyway. So don't ask. I do check out the LJs of people who have added me, and if I really like them, I'll add them.
3.) If you're new to my LJ, read the naming policy below. If you're not new, still read the naming policy below. You should already know this, but I never said it formally before, so you might not know this.

Naming Policy:
I do not put my real name on my LiveJournal. Nor do I put it in any pages it's linked to (hopefully) and I don't put it in any of my comments. This is because I want to be able to be completely and utterly authentically myself in my LJ, and I can't do that if random people online know who this is linked to IRL. It's mostly just people I know IRL that read my LJ, and they know my real name, and that's ok. Do not EVER post my real name (either first name, or last name, or any combination therein) in either your LJ, or in a comment in my LJ. EVER. I take my anonymity very seriously on here. I won't out you if you don't out me. If you DO use my real name, I'll give you 1 day to change the post or to delete the comment and repost it w/o my name. If you don't, I'll use whatever resources are within my power to get the issue resolved. I know, I sound like an ass, but if you know the kinds of stuff I put in my LJ, you'll understand.

My Policy on Political Debate on my Journal
Read my policy on political debate on my journal.

Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.

I will not stand for bullying and harassment.
Everyone Feels This Pain
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Love does not discriminate...Why should marriage?

I'm married to my computer!

Gryffindor is love.


I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

Over 1,000 Israelis refuse to fight against the Palestinians!

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Yesh Gvul Courage To Refuse Shministim Pilots Free The Five

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