CableFlame (c4bl3fl4m3) wrote,

It's snowing here. It has been since about 3:30 pm... first just a smattering of flakes, but then it turned into the largest clumps I've ever seen in my life... like 2-3 quarters put side by side.

The flakes are smaller now, but no less numerous. It's really coming down out there.

I've left the lights out in my house and it's just illuminated by all the holiday lights I have up, plus the LED candles I have decorating my "mantle" (really the top of the tv/shelf unit).

I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside but the house was chilly so I heated up some cider and put some caramel apple instant cider spices inside of it. It's basically flavored sugar, but it's tasty.

It's warm. I'm warm.

I believe this emotion is called "content". I like it an awful, awful lot in a very quiet kind of way.

I have so few moments in my life with this emotion. I have to grasp those that I do have, but the act of grasping it can change it, much like Heisenberg's principle.

So I will smile and drink my cider and be happy in this moment.

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