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On Female Dominance, Male Submission, and Stereotype

How come in pictures of women dominating men, if the woman is getting her pleasure, it’s ALWAYS of her getting cunnilingus?

Not all women like to be licked. I, for one, mostly hate cunnilingus.

It’s like there has to be physical, overt, obvious to the point of stereotypical signs of dominance in these pics. Namely the woman has to be physically over the man. Whether it’s sitting on his face or riding him, she’s over him. And I don’t like cowgirl. Frankly, it’s too much work (I’m such a Do Me Queen) and if the man is broad enough, my legs don’t straddle him right and I can’t touch the bed with both legs properly because I’m so short.

For once, I’d like to see a picture of a woman making a man fuck her. Of a man being forced to give it to a woman doggie style or missionary. Because if it’s all about me and my pleasure, well, that’s what I like.

I don’t understand submissive men who say they only care about the woman’s pleasure & not their own but then if I tell them to do things that actually please me, like them being dominant and fucking me, they don’t want to do it. Is it REALLY about my pleasure or is it about the fantasy in your head of what submission should be about? It’s fine if it’s about the latter… if they have fantasies they want fulfilled, that’s great, but then don’t say it’s about my pleasure. If you’re REALLY out to please women, then PLEASE WOMEN. If your fantasy is to pleasure a woman in a very specific way, SAY THAT. And find the women who want to be pleasured in that way. But DON’T say you only care about my pleasure when you’re not willing to do what it takes to genuinely please me.

And, frankly, where can I find the men that are willing to do whatever it takes to please a woman? I think I would really enjoy making a sub be dominant to please me. It would make him squirm and it would be fun. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of male submissive fantasies are regarding some form of degradation and humiliation. It’s about tearing down of masculinity. I’m wondering where are the sub men that are like “I’m not a real man… I’m a wuss… I wanna learn how to be a strong ‘real’ man!” Is there a name for this I just don’t know of? Because that would be fun to do and help with. (Or does it not exist because society is so strict about “making guys into men” and they get that pressure all the time and submitting in the above way is a welcome respite & relief from this?)

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