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Busy Weekend

I have a busy weekend this weekend. I’d love to see any of you for any of it!

Tonight I’ll be going to the Games Club of Maryland’s Silver Spring games night @ the Tastee Diner for gaming & socialization. They meet every Friday. They seem to be more into the Euro board games than the card games, but I’ll bring Chez Geek anyway.

Tomorrow, me & my housemate are going to go to MAC. I know zie’s getting some more makeup, but I’m not sure if we’re both getting makeovers. Tomorrow night, we’re going to DC Dungeon for Open Play.

Sunday, I’m going (maybe w/ the housemate) to see Marian Call perform. She’s a pretty awesome musician, but not very well known. Sometime's she more "a girl and her guitar", more folksy. Sometimes she's more jazzy with a touch of torch singing. And it’s only a .7 mile walk from my house, on the road that my road turns into! Here’s the info on it.

Silver Spring, MD // Sun. 09.09.12 - Great Big House Concert
Open to the public, join us in the D.C. area for a Sunday evening show! Bring a snack or non-alcoholic beverage to share if you wish, or just come with the optional $10 artist donation. All ages, 7pm. 7981 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, MD.

Also, I've been doing a lot more of my blogging on Tumblr. If you're really interested in reading what I have to say on various issues, you might want to check it out. Most of my blogging there is brought about by someone else's post (and there's a LOT of reblogging), but... This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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