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Another Update

So we're trying to get me in at Fenton/McAulife House, but there's just not an opening right now. So we're gonna keep trying every day. If there isn't an opening, I'm going to be staying at T&E through Tuesday, when I see their psychiatrist (whom I really, really like) again (I really hated the psych that's gonna be in on Monday & apparently my request to never see her again was respected) and my own psychiatrist (whom I like) again and we'll see whether I'm safe & stable enough to go home or what.

We've tried a mood stabilizer which, while I'm not sure how well (if at all) it's working, it's at least not having gawd awful side effects, and because of the kind of medication it is, the likelyhood that it would happen in the future is almost nil, so that's good. We're adding another antidepressant medication with it that'll have a synergistic effect with it. Took the first dose of that a few hours ago... no bad side effects, but no positive ones yet, either. We'll see.

I have no plans for the weekend, currently, other than video chatting with 8T tomorrow. Some plans would go well. I'd go to the Crucible, except I have to be back every night by 11, so that wouldn't work (and I'd ask for special dispensation, but I'm pretty sure that telling them I'm heading to a kinky sex club won't go over well). Anyway, if you'd like to visit me (the center is in North Rockville) or take me out somewhere or whatever, I'm totally receptive to whatever plans. I can have visitors until 10 pm.

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