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Update on my Situation

So I've spent some time on the T&E unit & they're probably going to be transfering me to a better facility for cases like mine, a facility they wanted me to go to to begin with but there wasn't a space for me at. But they're filling out the referral forms and finding a place for me there.

So I'll (hopefully) be at Fenton/McAulife House in Rockville (near Twinbrook Station). I have quite a bit of autonomy there, which is really what I need to feel comfortable & safe seeking help, and yet I'll also have the help & support I need while we try different diagnoses & medication and get me stable, which is what I really need to feel safe during this quite scary time. I'll be there for up to 10 days. I can come and go as I please, and I can have visitors (that I know of... my current facility allows & encourages visitors), so if you'd like to come and visit me, I'd love to have company. I have no idea if I'll have Internet there or not (I hope so... no Net makes CableFlame sad... and by sad, I mean bored out of my mind), but I have my cell phone, so you can always call or text me. And to those who've already texted me their well wishes, thank you so much, everyone! It really does mean a lot and makes me feel supported & less alone.

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