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Bring On The Beach!

I now have a fabulous 2 piece bathing suit. It's not a bikini (it's a tankini). I wanted a bikini. I told my mom such and she's like "I don't think you're quite there yet". (She knows I've lost some weight.) I told her about the new "fatkini" movement, the whole "this is my body and I'm going to wear what I want" movement. She was like "ok". (She knows once I have my mind made up on something, I'm going to do it and there's no talking me out of it.) Anyway, the reason I bought this suit is because it was an amazing price, it fit me fabulously (and gives me a reasonable amount of support on top for being active), and it has a gorgeous print and colors. I liked it & looked good in it and that mattered far more to me than the fact that it happens to cover my stomach. It's something I don't feel bad about wearing on the beach. (I was only going to clothing optional beaches because I felt more comfortable with my body while naked than while stuffed into an ill-fitting bathing suit with a design that I didn't like [that I had because it was a hand-me-down].)

Pics here!

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