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Fat Shaming Ridiculousness

Warning: this is pretty evil. You might not want to read this. (This is as close to a "trigger warning" as I get.)

So MikeJMyers (I refuse to protect the guilty) just wrote me this publicly on Fitocracy:

Size positive? Really? That's a thing we have to deal with on FITOCRACY now? There is nothing positive about being fat. It's not healthy. It's not attractive. The only places it can benefit people are cold water swimming, being a lineman on a football team, or being a Sumo.

This really touches a nerve for me. You should no more accept being a fat person than one should accept being a drug addict or alcoholic. Fitocracy is supposed to be a place where we motivate each other TO GET BETTER.

1.) Attractiveness is an extremely subjective thing. (I just want to blow this guy's mind with the entire FA and feederism thing. Seriously. I mean, if I end up replying to him, it will ONLY be about this point. I really would love to see his brain explode when he learns there are thousands, if not MILLIONS of people who find fat attractive.)

2.) Being unhealthy is unhealthy. Sometimes unhealthy people are fat. Sometimes they're skinny. Sometimes they're inbetween. There is some correlation between fat and health, but it's far from direct. There's FAR more correlation between exercise and health, and even that isn't 100% direct.

2.5) Whether or not someone is healthy or not is between them and their doctor. AND THAT'S IT. It's no one else's business. It's a CHOICE.

3.) "You should no more accept being a fat person than one should accept being a drug addict or alcoholic." WOW. SERIOUSLY? WOW. I wonder if all of your friends and family and coworkers are skinny. Do you feel the same way about them? Do you speak to them in that way?

4.) Fito is there to motivate people towards their fitness goals, whatever they be. Everyone gets to define for themselves what "better" is. (Fitocracy calls it "awesome". Their motto is "making you more awesome". I like that.)

5.) Skinny != better. Fat != worse.

You know, I might have to make a "the stupid, it burns" tag JUST for this post. What a small little man who lives in a small little world.

(I don't want you to think this person is representative of Fito at large. Fitocracy is one of the most awesome communities I've ever been on... supportive, welcoming, friendly. I love them so much. Most groups focus on the positive and on supporting people, regardless of their size or fitness goals. Some are intentionally size positive. This is just 1 of a few assholes who don't seem to get that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything.)
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