CableFlame (c4bl3fl4m3) wrote,

The Switch Pride Flag: Update & Usage Rules

Apparently people have been using my Switch Pride Flag (sometimes even as the official one!), even though I EXPLICITLY put that it was a draft. And some of these people using it haven't been putting the attribution that I created it or the Creative Commons license that I have it licensed under.


You MAY USE that flag.

IT IS *JUST* a DRAFT. It is NOT the "official" one yet, nor is it the final version. It needs to be cleaned up. (As soon as I can get Photoshop, I'll make the final version.)

You MUST give attribution (to me) AND copy the Creative Commons license (the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported version) ANYTIME you use it OR any derivatives you create on it (icons, buttons, whatever).

Thank you.
Tags: kink, switch pride flag
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