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January 12th, 2015

Have you noticed this image (or a different form of it) going around FetLife or the Internet?

Switch Pride Flag image

It's a switch pride flag. I actually came up with it in 2009. (The first place it showed up on the Internet was on my personal blog, here: http://c4bl3fl4m3.livejournal.com/586692.html ) I licensed it Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

This means it's free to use, edit, use your edits, and even sell stuff with it or your edits. However, if you use it, you MUST give me credit, and you must include the CC license with it. If you modify and use your edits, you must also license it the same.

Notes about the flag:

1.) This is not the final draft. Stuff isn't exactly centered, etc. I'd like to do that before making the "final" draft of it.

2.) The flag incorporates what I consider to be a/the switch pride symbol... the 2 arrows pointing up and down forming a circle & the heart in the center. I took a page from the history of the peace symbol and wanted to make a symbol that people could easily draw by hand, even with little to no drawing skill. (I have no drawing skill. Anyone can draw this symbol and it's just as valid as the flag picture. Remember that the flag picture is a picture of a FLAG, *NOT* the picture of a symbol. The flag HAS the symbol on it. The symbol is the arrows & the heart. Any drawing of 2 arrows pointing up and down in a circle with a heart inside is a drawing of the Switch Pride symbol.

3.) It is technically not "official" but I'm not sure how someone would make something like this "official" anyway.

4.) Yes, many of the design elements are intentionally off of the Leather Pride Flag. The stripes are off of the proportions of the stripes in the Bisexual Pride Flag, mainly because that was easier for me to design/work with. Also because at the time I designed it, I identified as bisexual (amongst other things) and with the bi pride flag, so it was a nod to the creator.

4.5) I chose that idea for the switch pride symbol because I wanted something that showed our sides, that showed movement between the 2 (including the idea of flow), and I decided to incorporate the heart to 1.) continue the homage to the Leather Pride flag and 2.) to show that what we do is out of love (or at least out of caring, or at VERY least isn't about harm and hate and violence). The current symbols at the time (a light switch, a switch as in a stick for hitting) didn't resonate with me, and I thought they were too gimmicky. Also a lightswitch is too binary... on or off, and doesn't show the movement or the flow or the places in-between.

5.) I should release the PSD I used to create it, so people can make clean scaled vector versions of the size they want before creating a raster version. I should release other vector versions. Because people keep copying and recopying and resizing the raster and it's looking NASTY in places. (Yes, that was a lot of graphic design speak.)

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