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September 25th, 2013

The Balance

I know I've written on this before. But I feel the need to say it again.

Everyone goes too far.

The establishment is fucked up. We already know that. There are things in them that doesn't ring quite true.

But here's the other truth to the (non)/(alternative)power…
The alternative is also messed up too. They go too far in their rejections. In their assumptions. And they say things that are actually even more scary to me, in their rejections of everything establishment. What if it actually happened they way some propose? I think I would feel even less safe.

I don't belong in either. Both are wrong.

And yet, I need parts of both.

Mainstream psychiatry? You need tweaking. You need overhaul. You have a ways to go. You need to sit down and listen to us. Nothing About Us, Without Us. Not everything we think is crazy, and maybe you need crazy to treat crazy. Maybe you need to believe in crazy a bit… and you'll see it's not so crazy.

The Mad Pride/anti-psychiatry/survivors folks? You guys go way too far. Seriously. You get on the right track, but then you shoot so far ahead you careen off the track and into the ditch… and insist the ditch IS the track. Yeah… no. Temper your ideas. Step back and do a sanity check. Not everything they say is wrong or crazy. (Just like not everything WE say is wrong or crazy.) And, yes, some of us ARE crazy and DO need treatment. And some of us WANT treatment.

There's multiple ways of looking at things. HYBRID APPROACHES ARE POSSIBLE. In fact, I think it's the hybrid approaches that get it right. A balance between the 2 extremes.

But remember that different people need different approaches, and that it's important to look at all the options for wellness.

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I'm realizing that I'm not fully honest in my writing and I want to challenge myself to do what I haven't ever done before… write what my life is REALLY like, completely uncensored. The problem is, I don't want to show how I feel as some horrible afflicting mental illness (even though, frankly, it is), I want to just incorporate the intense moods as just part of my daily life… because they are. I think that's a far more accurate way of showing my life than isolating an episode and talking about it.

I've always been afraid of really expressing what goes on inside my head. Part of it is lack of ability to really communicate it… I don't want people to not get it… I need to get it right. Another part is… really, I don't want people to think I'm crazy. Rather, I don't want to be viewed as crazy and interacted with as such. I want to be treated like anyone else you know, but possibly with a bit more cultivation and care.

I really want to get PERSONAL.

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