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March 22nd, 2009

Coming Home from NYC

I'm doing it on Monday morning. My bus leaves at 8 am.


Friends Locked? WTF?

You may be wondering why the previous post is friends locked. Well, through the magic of the Internet making it a small world, not to mention the geek community is smaller than we think, apparently a previous post of mine started some drama with morningboon's ex-girlfriend. That she decided to pull me in on. Apparently I can't trust everyone reading this journal, as it was a friend of a friend informing her type thing. Which makes me sad, as I'd like to think I could trust my readership. In the next few days, I'll be culling my friends list and posting friends only for a while on posts that deal with Toronto, morningboon or our relationship in a big way. This includes pictures of the 2 of us together. Don't worry, if you come here for the geekery or the BDSM, you'll still get that as much as I can. Anything that isn't dealing with morningboon or my relationship with him will stay unlocked, because I am still committed to proving to the world that I am not ashamed about who I am and my life.

If you'd like to stay on my friends list, or be added to it, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line. Whether or not I add/keep you is at my discretion. (If you're a good, dear, close friend of me in real life, you don't have to worry.)

Taking a Break from Poly

I'm currently taking a bit of a break from being emotionally/romantically polyamorous. Hence the me changing my "relationships in" from "polyamorous" to "in an open relationship". Both me and morningboon have recently had rather difficult breakups and neither of us are really in a place to be open to the vulnerability of being emotionally/romantically poly. So I'm taking a bit of a breather from looking for relationships right now and I'm letting this thing with morningboon take me where it will. And, really, it's rather nice to not have to worry about looking for Mr./Ms. Right for a while. This doesn't mean I'm not open to playing and being affectionate and having sex with other people. It just means I'm not looking for anything that might involve falling in love or a more formalized relationship. Scene friends, FwBs, fuck buddies, cuddle partners, and more are always welcome. And, of course, any previous relationships of whatever type I already had with friends from before are grandfathered in.

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