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January 1st, 2009

So NYE would have been better had my Internet and phone not gone out because of the high winds. I wasn't really able to reach anyone to make plans. However, I watched Idiocracy (which I had already watched half of before) and most of Hellboy (which I had already seen parts of before). But the tubes are tubing again, and I'm looking for things to do today. I'm thinking of going to Kramerbooks/Afterwords and getting something with the gift card that devvieish and asciilifeform gave me. Any takers?

Oh, and I think I have a thing for Hellboy. Besides, wouldn't it be hot to be fucked by a demon guy? The applications of his tail alone... *happy shiver*. And I bet he'd be a bit rough in sex. I'm thinking of going to the Superheroes and Supervillains thing at DO: WF as some form of Hellgirl. I've got the black pants (which I need to remember to tell my mom to return), I've got face paints now because of the BR Christmas party. I'd just need some horns (the sculpy ones you get at the ren faire would work... does anyone have a pair? Or, even better, anyone have some Sculpy/Fimo and we can make them?) and oh, how I wish I could borrow winterroseasfr's brown oilcloth duster. Perhaps I could convince him to mail it to me and I'll return it to him at Frolicon? I guess I'd need to do the hand somehow, but perhaps I could skip on that. And if I'm not mistaken, WR came back from Dragon*Con with The Samaritan, Hellboy's gun. Perhaps I could borrow that too. Should email WR.

Perhaps I should look on Cosplay.com to see how other people pulled it off?

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