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August 3rd, 2006

Hello Everyone.

I can see that things are about to get heated in my previous post. This is my fault. I should know better than to put a political post up right after getting so many new readers. You don't know my policies yet.

So here we go.

My Policies on Political Posts in my Journal (EVERYONE READ):

You're not going to like this, but my journal is just that: MY JOURNAL. Note how I call it a journal and not a blog. That's because I don't consider it a blog, nor did I intend to start a blog when I started writing on LiveJournal. My intention for LJ was to put my own PERSONAL DIARY up on the web for easier access. For years I had kept my diary in a hidden file on my computer, under a mislabeled directory (I shared it with my parents). So when I discovered LJ, I realized how convenient it would be to be able to access my diary from whereever I may be. So I put it up there. The fact that other people can read it and comment back is purely incidental.

This is my place where I can express myself. And I want it to be a place I can express myself freely w/o feeling attacked, oppressed, or opposed. It's not a public forum. It's not a political blog put up for public debate. It is my own space to be me freely.

To the important part:

This blog is NOT a place for political debate. Yes, even when I post political posts.

(Actually, if you can do it in a highly respectful, non-threatening/confrontational manner, I don't mind some mild opposition More on that at the end of this post.)

Let's field a couple of the most common responses I get to this.

"But that's censorship!" you cry! Well, yes and no. Yes in that I'm saying I don't want debates or arguments here. Would you like someone to start arguing with you and your own personal feelings in your own personal, handwritten diary? No, in that I want you to feel free to copy anything I said into your OWN journal and discuss and debate it as much as you want. Hell, I might even check out your post on it (leave a link to it as a comment).

"So why don't you just turn comments off, if you don't want people to debate?"
Everytime I come across a post with comments turned off, I always have something constructive to say, something that isn't at all the kinds of replies that the writer was trying to avoid. Something original and unique, something I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. And I want to share it. But I can't. So to avoid this happening in my own journal, I leave comments on.

"Why don't you make the post private/friends only?"
Because there's nothing wrong with what I have to say. I have no reason to hide. This comes up a lot with various other things I write about (suicide, BDSM, etc). Because of conditioning through my youth, I was led to believe that the only time a person should hide something is if it's wrong or shameful. If I would post stuff like this private, I would feel like I'm hiding something out of shame/fear. And because I know that I shouldn't be ashamed of my thoughts and my feelings, because I know there's nothing WRONG with them, I leave them public. (Edit: Also, because some of my friends don't have LJs and I want them to be able to read my posts. In addition, some people read LJs via RSS readers and there's no way to sign in via RSS readers [at least the one I use] so they aren't even aware I have a new post.)

The truth is, I don't mind a little respectful disagreeing. But things turn from feeling "with all due respect, I must disagree" to "You're an idiot! Here's why you're wrong, fucker!" in extremely rapid time. So it's easier to just say that it's not a place for debate. If you can post opposing opinions in a non-strong worded, very very respectful manner, fine. But 99 times out of 100, people can't do it in a manner that makes me feel comfortable with myself and my opinions. And, once again, this is MY JOURNAL.

If you don't wish to follow these rules, frankly, you can simply not read my journal. I hate to sound so totalitarian, but this is my little dictatorship. It's my little corner of the web. Hopefully you all find me to be a benevolent dictator, though.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. This post will be linked to from now on when I post something political. Feel free to ask questions and everyone have a nice day.


About My Last Political Post

Usually I don't like censoring what's already up, but people have gotten very heated in their opinions. And I don't like watching people flame each other on my own journal.


I am removing the ability to comments on the entry entitled "The Political and Social Justice Disenfranchisement of a Nation" for 3 days.
I will give everyone 72 HOURS (that's 3 days) to move their comments on my entry labeled "The Political and Social Justice Disenfranchisement of a Nation" to their own journal. After that, I WILL DELETE ALL COMMENTS on that entry. Yes, not all of them are offensive, but that's the only way to keep it fair. After deleting all comments, I will make the post open to commenting again so you can post links to your own reply to my journal entry.

If you know you're not going to be able to do this within 3 days (I don't see why not... it'll only take 5 minutes), please let me know asap via EMAIL (check out my Info page for my email). I'll work something out.

Thank you.

EDIT: I can't disable the ability to comment and still have you be able to see your comment. Therefore I'm keeping commenting open. BUT PLAY NICE! If ANYONE posts anything else inflammatory in that post, I WILL DELETE THEIR COMMENT IMMEDIATELY and drop them a line telling them why.

Comics to Read

BTW, Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics is fabulous. #4, February 2006 is out. It does good interviews, queer eye on popular comics, and excerpts from a wide variety of GLBT comics.

ANyway, stuff I need to read more of:
Juicy Mother
Ex Machina

Cool Free Thing of the Day

So you want a good copy of Handel's Messiah, but you don't want to spend the money to go buy it?

Go to the Wikipedia entry on Handel's Messiah. At the bottom is links to the complete Parts I and II (no part III... up to and including Hallelujah). It's organized by Number (piece within the Oratorio), they're available in OGG format, it's sung by the MIT Concert Choir (how geeky is that? And they're good!), and it's available under the EFF Open Audio License, so share them all you want.

So, yeah. Oratorio goodness. :) Now all I have to do is keep myself from singing along at work. ;)

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